In his time of being a photographer, Mitchell Phun has been always interested in humanity, the very essence of what it is to be a human being. With every individual being unique and diverse, he is fascinated with the way they dress, the way they present themselves, even the way they furnish their living area. He uses his photography to try and represent individuals the way he most accurately can in the way that they see the world sees them.

Phun was born in Singapore, lived there until the age of 7 and then moved to Australia to pursue a better education. After graduating high school, he returned to Singapore to complete his national service in the military for two years. When he completed his duty as a Singapore national, he then wanted to broaden his horizons even more by pursuing higher education in the United States. Starting off in Seattle studying communications, eventually transferring to the University of Oregon with a focus in Digital Arts. After searching for what he was passionate about within the broad field of digital media and art, he found himself passionate about photography. This passion was not short term like any of his other endeavors in higher education, so he decided to pursue it further and moved to New York City in 2014.

Phun feels incredibly blessed to have been granted the opportunity to travel as much as he does and it opens his eyes to the mass scale of the world we live in. He believes that every place he goes to gives him a new insight on to his own life and the exchange between people teaches him more than any classroom could. Because of his travels, he has also grown to love documenting nature and landscapes alike.

Moving to New York has been considered to be a major milestone in his life, Phun has been motivated and pushed by the city culture to work hard and to continue putting out new work. Since his move to the city he has worked with modeling agencies: IMG, Soul & Women to name a few, creating work and submitting to magazines such as Complex and Vanity Teen as well as online publications such as Fucking Young. He thoroughly enjoys creating fashion related work as well as lifestyle. His image capturing balances in between the two on a thin line. In 2015, Phun worked on a project documenting people & their spaces. This series consisted of the people that he had met in his first year living in New York. The series inspired him to continue making portraits of people around him and telling their stories through a series of images.

 Lately he has been working on video based projects, not straying from tradition in telling stories about the people around him. Early September, he started working on a project based off E.E Cummings’ “Humanity, I love you” poem where he showcased scenes of New York and the people in the streets contrasted by a choreographed dance in reaction to the words of the poem. Currently, Phun is working on a more fashion related video and is experimenting with various styles of videography.